September Lecture Series Survey Results

Origin of Life and Evolution of Living Organisms by Dr. Saba Valadkhan

  • It was very informetive. I really enjoyed the topic.
  • knowledge is power.
  • This and every other events are very usefull for knowledge and information .
  • Nobody should have missed Dr.Valadkhani's lecture. She was in the command of her subject, informative, articulate and humorous.
  • very informative lecture.
  • Because i should take visa for to come , but nobody support for that.
  • The information given about evolution was new which you hardly can find it in other sources. This event to me was the best that I had seen in 2012.
  • Dr. Valadkhan was simply brilliant. She had a way to put the most complex topic into everyday language that anybody could understand and enjoy. I was in awe of Dr. Valadkhan. She handled questions beautifully, intelligently and without any biased and with great sense of humor. I admired not only her intelligence but also how humble she was.
  • Well run event. You guys did a great job. I saw more than a few stag people, would have been nice to have had hosts approach then.
  • Very useful.
  • I ranked the satisfaction Good instead of excellent, NOT because of the AIAP team's performance. I would have been more satisfied to see more of the communuity.
  • To long of a mid-brake time
  • Special thanks to the organizers and especially the one(s) in charge of finding the guest lecturers.
  • Less photos, from the speaker. Turn off music in the background. Stay on schedule for the speaker.
  • She was one of the best speakers we have ever had. Great job AIAP
  • noise in kitchen area during lecture was disturbing
  • Excellent speaker and topic. we really enjoyed it. Thank you.
  • Keep up the excellent work.
  • This was one of the very best if not the best lecture that I have attended at AIAP. Thank you for arranging it.
  • last night lecture was very intresting and informative because of the topic and specificly because of lecturer that could present and explain the subject in the best way that was undrestandable for everybody. we hope you invite more scientists with intresting subject like this.
  • This was probably one of the best AIAP events ever. try to add more scientific lectures, a 2500 year of culture without knowledge does not mean anything. we can not survive as a nation with the memory of hafez and ferdowsi and Kourosh.... forever. As a professional organization we need to raise the public knowledge about the cutting edge technology and science.
  • please arrange for service person foreign
  • Few Suggestion/comments 1. Please work with Kitchen workers to be bit quite during the lecture. 2. background music needs to be turned off in the lecture area during the meeting. 3. MC needs to monitor number of questions and conversation between audience and speaker. Some wuestions are becoming long comments. Also MC has to end the meeting before Speaker does that. 4. Thanks for all the hard work.
  • I believe speakers like like Sara Valadkhan will bring more prestige to AIAP than others.
  • Bring her back.
  • As also mentioned by another participant, I'd like to mention that, we will need to prevent talking, purposely/ unpurposely in a way to offend other community members.. I do not hesistate to mention the name of [...] & the fact that it was the 2nd time that I noticed he offends religious beliefs which is of cource respectful for many individuals in our community. I hope we will all have the understanding that, we will need to stick to what we have in common as a talented organization, have respect for each other's ideas & try to prevent to pin-point our different idealogies.
  • While I am a big advocate of our irianima community becoming involved with civic work, having politicians at such "non-political" events is inappropriate and not appreciated.
  • Even if not as big a turnout, please continue bringing in more technial/industry presentations. Specially changes in healthcare industry and its ramifications on information technology, jobs, medical device and information system industry, ... . Khasteh nabAshid.
  • Sufi must disconnect musin to the lecture area.

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