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By becoming a paid member of AIAP, you support your organization and help it better serve the Iranian-American community. Morover, you will be enjoying the following:

  • Free admission to all AIAP General Meetings, AKA AIAP Lecture series, which combine networking, educational lectures and entertainment.
  • Discount on dinner tickets to all general meetings held monthly.
  • Discounted ticket to AIAP Nowruz Celebration Event held on Persian New Year.
  • Discounted ticket to AIAP Picnic held each August.
  • Ability to participate in AIAP annual election for board of directors as voter and as candidate.
  • Coming soon: Exclusive discount for AIAP partners services including lawyers, physicians and etc.

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You can become a member either by filling out an online form by clicking on the blue buttons below, or by downloading a membership form and filling that out: AIAP Membership Application Form 2017 (in .doc format). 

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If you are not a current member, please choose from the folowing options:

Student - $20

Entitles member, to special rates at AIAP events including all monthly General Meetings, Persian new year celebration, annual picnic, annual camping/cruise, and more.Requires student ID and age under 30.

Professional - $50 

Standard membership, entitles member to special rates at AIAP events including all monthly General Meetings, Persian New Year Celebration, Annual Picnic, annual Camping/Cruise,and more.

Family Professional - $75 

Standard Membership, entitles member, his/her spouse to special rates at AIAP events including all monthly General Meetings, Persian new year celebration, annual picnic, annual camping/cruise, and more.

Professional Silver - $185 

Standard Professional package plus FREE VIP admission to dinner at all monthly General Meetings It applies only to the AIAP members.

Family Silver - $340 

Standard Family package plus  FREE VIP admissions to dinner at all monthly General Meetings for the member and his/her spouse. It apply only to member and his/her spouse.




Survey results on our monthly general meetings availabe at surveys.

Events Calender

March 2017
Tuesday 14th
7pm Chehar Shanbeh Soori
Thursday 16th
5pm March Happy Hour
Saturday 25th
7pm Nowruz 1396 Celebration
April 2017
Sunday 2nd
1pm Sizdeh Bedar 1396
Thursday 13th
5pm April Happy Hour
Sunday 23rd
7:30am April Hike: Santa Rosa Plateau
Wednesday 26th
6pm An Hour with a Psychiatrist : Questions and Answers
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