General Meetings

March 2017: Nowruz 1396 Party (Persian New year Celebration)



Overall, how would you rate the music by Joef Band (Gypsy King Family)?

-          It was in the spirit of Nowruz that people could bring their children, mothers and the whole family to celebrate new year! And that is what Eid is about. Your reasonable pricing made it possible. Thank you!!!

-          It was not Gypsy King {Family!!!???) They played short.

-          Thank you for good and hard work.

-          when doors opened, salad should be on the table and food served after that, not waiting hours and for salad and food.

Q. Overall, how would you rate the music by DJ Mohsen?

-          Very loud as usual.

-          DJ repeated the same music several times!

-          Sound system was horrible. I could hardly understand the words and my ears were clogged from the high base

Q. How would you overall rate Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina for the event?
-          Great job

-          The waiters and the hotel personnel were polite and friendly!

-          The similar room could be in another hotel with less costs.

Q. Any additional thoughts or suggestions?

-          Could not have been done any better. Excellent! Very proud and grateful of the all AIAP staff.

-          Thank you for a delightful evening

-          Thank You! One of the wise ways to use the membership money!

-          Overall it was great, great job. a few notes: Gypsy Kings total performance duration was so short! There was no traditional features other than haftsin! I was expecting traditional dancing.

-          A Persian singer would be more interesting in such an event. Thanks

-          Thanks for doing such a great job. You guys are the best

-          The music was too loud, suggest to decrease the music

February 2017:
The US new Immigration Order (Ali Golchin, James McElroy, Hanif Mohebi)


Q. Overall, how would you rate the short presentation by Congressional Field Representative, Jason Bercovitch?

- He is knowledgeable and informative, but as a presenter he talked without taking a breath! and fast. As an audience I felt like I couldn't take a breath either! He could have managed his time and talked slower. He could have been a lot more effective presenter.

Q. Overall, how would you rate the main speech by Attorney Ali Golchin?

- He did not really make an speech. It was more like a short introduction.

Q. Overall, how would you rate the main speech by Attorney James McElroy?

His slides were interesting at least.

Too long and somehow scary

Could have been shorter.

We came to find out about Immigration's law affecting iranians in US. not a speech about Trump

Q. Overall, how would you rate the main speech by Mr. Hanif Mohebi?

It seemed that he was using the stage most for his personal belief.

Too long, talked too fast and loud. He had great info.

The speech focused on negative issues rather to emphasize the positive aspects of our community. CAIR beside civil rights ,should consider condemning radical Islam and terrors that are done in the name of Islam.

Q. What topics would you most like for the upcoming meetings?

- Informative and educational topics like the last event. I know it is very hard to make everyone happy. but what you do is excellent.

- Immigration Challenges

- Growth and human psychology, education. How to improve our image in our host country

 Q. Would you recommend this event to a friend?

- We always enjoy the event. Great socializing opportunity, great speeches,.....

- The events are very educational, and informative.

- Too long ,and focus on negativity rather than all good thing done by people and non-profit organizations in this great country

Q. Any additional thoughts or suggestions?

- The speakers did not cover what I expected. I thought I would get more information about the new order. Their talks was more like an advertisement for what they do (or are interested to do).

- It seemed that some people attended the meeting to get answers to some questions they had. It did not happen

- Thank you so very much for the wonderful work. We appreciate you taking the time to get these surveys.

- sencerley thanks to all of Representatives who sacrifice their times to provide aiap events for the members.

January 2017:
Love in Persian Literature with Dr. Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak


The guest was exceptionally knowledgeable

- Thank you for all the good work you are doing.

- Poor Sound system !!

- If possible please invite Mr. Karimi again in near feature.

- Always mics and sounding system are the problem in 95% of the meetings.

- The Person controlling the light and sound should refrain from changing the set up so much.

- Sociology. Social respond.

- I expect to attend scientific and technical talks at AIAP meetings. Isn't literature PCC's field?

- Political history of Iran or any other country

- Where does Southern California's water come from and how is the drought situation?

- Any

- This is the most organized event in San Diego that I know, while it is fun and educational .

- Amazing speakers

- It was educational and fun.

- Why were the microphones so noisy and buzzing last night? I realize we are not living in a perfect world but there is always room for improvement!!

- Thank you I appreciate what you are doing

December 2016:
Board Election & Yalda celebration with Comedian Amir K


- The comedian was not prepared for the level and the age of the audience. Using F word did not go with the prestige of AIAP members. He did not study the audience in advance. I think it was the most inappropriate show i have ever seen at AIAP.

- بهتر بود اين جشن را با موزيك ايرانى برگزار ميكرديم تا با كمدين بى تربيت

- he was not funny,he was very rude.

- It was so painful to sit through Amir K's act and watch him embarrass himself and insult the audience for his own lack of self-esteem and confidence. Next time you decide to invite a comedian-wanna-be please remind them that it's their job to research and understand the audience and tune their show accordingly. Tehran and Max Amini performed for the exact same audience and they did great.

- Looks like some of the audience were not ready, or were not used to the type of language and comments by the comedian, and they were more embarrassed than being entertained.

- Why not traditional persian music?

- I enjoyed the first part more.

- I personally do not like or undrestand why the members have to put their name on the ballot. I believe the ballots themselves should have no name and signature required. At the time of handing the ballots to the members, their qualifications must be checked but No signature or name on the ballots.

- Total # of votes casted, those invalid and so on was missing from the process. Also final approval/ acceptance of the results would complete for future is recommended.

- The new members could come to the podium and thank the audience

- I am very great full of all the hard work of the staff that organizing the events of AIP. I thank you all and appreciate your eferts. Mo Jannati

- Next time your comedy show is going south please do feel free to cut the show instead of having the members and the"comedian" suffer through it.

- Thanks for the hard work putting the event together

- Inviting more reseanable people to perform in big events

November 2016:
Michael Seddigh, Nehzat Farnoody


Best presentation.

12/2/2016 8:10 PM 

I have always respected the knowledge and presentations of Dr. Farnoody.

12/3/2016 8:47 AM 

Invite her again

12/2/2016 10:25 PM 

Good timing for this topic, the best example (Trump) just showed up for this speech

12/2/2016 11:17 AM


12/4/2016 6:54 PM 

Psychology of relationships.

12/3/2016 11:03 AM 

Protecting the environment, Why it is important for Iranian-Americans to participate in politics, i.e. organize, vote, become a candidate, etc. How should Iranian-Americans identify their ethnicity in the next U S Census

12/3/2016 10:15 AM 

Immigration of Iranian

12/2/2016 10:25 PM 

I am interested a lecture about Yalda night, how this old tradition appeared, what the origin of this traditional ceremony is, and what the significance of each component of this night is. Thank you

12/2/2016 2:59 PM 

Psychological Topics ,such as the Narcissism and personality disorders.

12/2/2016 12:37 PM 

speaker was great

12/4/2016 6:54 PM 

it is useful to socialize, meet old friends, find new friends, learn something

12/3/2016 10:15 AM 

Great gathering and information.

12/2/2016 8:10 PM 

Excellent presentation and meaningful

12/2/2016 12:37 PM

about politics , insurance, Iranian problems for insurance

12/4/2016 6:54 PM 

Teach us how to think out of the box. Steps to build self confidence.

12/3/2016 11:03 AM

Keep-up the good work.

12/3/2016 10:15 AM 

October 2016:
Scott Peters, Doug Applegate/Dr. Mohammad Binazadeh


The MC should have announced the time for each speaker and kept the speakers on time. It was open ended talk, especially the second talk.

10/27/2016 7:54 

The speaker had not been told how much time he had, nor was he given notices of 10 and 5 mins toward the end of his time.

10/27/2016 7:54 PM 

Excellent to meet old friends and make new ones. Excellent to gain new knowledge.

10/27/2016 6:41 PM

Can you please ask Sufi to replace the styrofoam cups with paper cups

10/28/2016 2:36 PM 

The restaurant was freezing and too much noise as usuall.

10/28/2016 7:50 AM 

Please change the location of your happy hour. Go to somewhere closer and happier with better quality of snacks.

10/27/2016 8:54 PM

September 2016:
Mehangiz Kar, Sara Safari

Audio system still not efficient, wireless mic might help with some inexperience speakers, thanks for your community service. Love you

May be a better coordination of the speech with slide show or video clp

very poor sound system. Hard to hear. During the presentation, someone shoulod manage the sound system

There was no speech with that title.

Informative, nothing new to learn

The presentor was not respectfull of the first presentor. She did not want to give her hard work any credit. She kepy hinting that her affort was more difficult than climing the everest.

I wish the speaker would give more solution options too.

Basic human relashinship, how to communicate, respect and treat each other. I believe our community has not past this important milestone to learn anything else My two cents...

Evolution of the language - origin of languages

Family relationship and conflict.

If possible contact with Mr.Roshanzadeh to talk about Sports, especially those people who were involved in the past and recent.

Inspiring and motivational but practical ways to problem solving. Personal and global issues.

Social and political awarness, health and medical

Event was too long. Please plan to finish at 9 p.m. no matter the circumstances. Thank you for doing such a great job already.

I value your time and your community work Hugsssssss

If the restaurant is providing tea, it would be safer to use paper or glass cups, instead of Styrofoam. Some Styrofoam cups may carry traces of carcinogenic compound, and not suitable for hot liquid.

Please do something with the sound system

Teach us leadership and problem solving techniques. In local and global level. What are the ingredients and steps to train and get there?

Excellent program. Thank you so much.

Microphones and sounding system seems to be always inconvenience for the speakers and guests as well.

August 2016: Annual Picnic


-Thank you for all you do for us:)

-I just wanted to thank the organizers of the picnic and their hard work and dedication. Mo Jannati

-Adding dance and music would make the event much more interesting to all the generations. At least playing guitar or any other simple instruments would make it more fun.

-Thanks for excellent service

-There has to be ways to keep people engaged. Every time people are in their own group. It feels like going to a restaurant and every one on their table. May be have some music or have members play music, sing,… Overall is great and khasteh nabashid.

-The location is much nicer with more shades as compared to our original location. It is a keeper! Signs could be more visible, and a couple posted at the traffic light as we exit the freeway fro both south and north county.

-Thank you

-For next year if it is at the same location, I suggest that please mention NEXT TO THE HILTON. In that case it would be easier to locate.

-All great, thank you

-Very nice job!

-It would have been nice to have everyone get together at least for 5 minutes so someone had a quick talk and welcome the new participants and let them know why we organize the picnic every year and just having them in the loop. Thanks!

-Recommend to plan organized group games

-It would have been better if the fruits were served later. It would be nice if the tea would have last longer. Thank you anyway.

-Brings us together, we see our differences

-Thank you for all of your hard work, we are very grateful to all of you.

-It is fun and happy gathering in a Exelent environment. You can socialize with your friends.

-Thank you , it was great to see all precision friend .

-Socializing with friends and meet new friends, enjoy outdoor and some physical activities

-Good organization

-has to advertise more for tournament specially chess game

-It is fun to see friends.

-All those above.

-Fun to be with friend, well organized, good food and company

-It is a fun day with friends with great food and we do not have to do anything. Thanks to AIAP

July 2016:
Understanding the Personal Economy. By Ken Ghahremani


Both presentations were informative

- not enough time for Q & A.

- The solar system speech was bit lengthy and to some extent tiring.

- brave politician and not to scare from around himself and his position to say what ever is true around us specially Iran but some one with experience does not matter agree with today government or opposite , also medical specially diabetic or cancer or heart problem or any different science subject

- Lot of materials were covered in the short period of time, and not enough time remained for questions and answers.

- The speech was not well-organized and especially for general audience.

- was not very clear result from talking

- Science-based discussions, medical, environmental, engineering, space ...

- All AIAP events are informative and provide socialization for some Iranians.

- Good Iranian networking. Informative talks.

- was not clear

- I would suggest, if possible, ask the restaurant to provide paper tea cups instead of foam cups, because they are not very safe for the health and the environment.

- Once again the restaurant staff made loud conversation and noise during the speaker. AIAP monitors are best to go back there and tell them to be quite. Thanks

- Can you please ask Sufi to use paper cup instead of styrofoam for tea


June 2016:
The Idea of Culture in Late Ancient Persia. By Dr. Touraj Daryaee


- One of the audience asked this question: Why some Iranians tell lies so often even though they were advised as early as some two thousand years ago to tell the Truth?

- With Islamic mullahs in Iran trying to brainwash people about the Iran's past glory any effort to the the contrary is valuable.

- Other Restaurant guests to keep the voice down. It was very noisy and disturbing during speech.

- Please try to invite Dr. Daryaee more often

- I will appreciate it if AIAP gets a speaker to talk on this subject in future from SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGICAL POINT OF VIEW. I AM PRETTY SURE THERE ARE COMPETENT SPECIALISTS on this topic WHO CAN DO IT. THANKS

- The world around us! Suggest to invite Dr. Firouz Naderi

- Iran History Islam and Iran

- Topics like Iranian history will be very helpful for all, because as you know more about Iran you love it more. Other topics like Iran's today's people life or global analyses of socio-economic situation of Iran and meddle east also can be very interesting. Thanks for what you are doing for the Persian society of SD. With Regards Dott. Reza Ghazinouri

- Iran's history politics and economics

- Medicine & History

- You always choose the best

- good program, good exchange of ideas and chance of gaining new knowledge.

- Very educational and interesting .

- You learn about our cuture

- Let us focus on making Iranians criticize themselves !

- To announce, if it is OK, that you can read and understand and accept responses if it is in Persian.

- Excessive noise. The organization has to do some thing about the noise issue.

- The noise during the speech was REALLY annoying! Actually that noise from either the kitchen or the other side of the hall has always been there,, but last night it was even louder... I was having hard time focusing on the talk.

- Microphone problem, as always Loud kitchen, worse than usual


May 2016: 
Why do we need mental health or Psychological services? By Dr. Cyrus Nakhshab and Dr. Ramin Shahla

- Keep up the good work. Thank you.

- Khasteh nabAshid.

- The presenters did not focus on the topic , the information they provided could be found on internet

- Excellent venue for networking, meeting Friends and learning something useful.

- Thank you.

- Focus on the topic

- Having too few or too many food options are not necessary. By having a happy medium could cut cost and reduce the dinner price? Mixing kabob and many different foods mixes up the tastes and does not add value.

- Get new microphones.

April 2016: Jahan Be Kodam Soo Miravad! By Dr. Morteza Mohit


February 2016:
I Love a Clean San Diego + San Diego Economic Outlook 2016 by Natalie Roberts-DeCarli and Kelly Cunningham

January 2016: 
HR158 Visa Waiver Law, Islamophobia, OFAC and Sanctions, and the Latest Immigration issues affecting dual citizens, by Ali Golchin

December 2015:
Yalda Night Celebration and AIAP Election

November 2015:
Being funny is not that funny; A review on Contemporary Humor and Editorial Cartooning, by Nikahang Kowsar

September 2015: 
The Root of Crisis in the Middle East, by Kazem Alamdari

August 2015: 
Annual Picnic

July 2015:
California's Water Crisis, by Halla Razak

June 2015: 
The Power of Mind, the Power of Belief, the Only Hope for Change, by Dr. Marjan Davoudi

May 2015:
The Ascendance and Tribulations of Modernity, by Mohammad Amini

April 2015:
Culture and nonviolense in Iran (فرهنگ و خشونت پرهیزی در ایران), by Dr. Ramin Jahanbegloo

March 2015: No general meeting due to coincidence with persian new year.

February 2015
: Iranian immigrants in the US: A statistical review, by Dr. Kiumars Naseri: Presentation part 1, and part 2.

November 2014: A dialogue between science and spirtuality by Ali Asadi (Sadeh) (November 2014): Ali's contact information,, cell: 858-952-2486. 

February 2014: Sex, Drugs, and Babakaram by Mario Garrett (February 26, 2014): 

1. iAge:
2. List of his academic papers:

3. The Beers report:Beers Criteria.pdf

January 2014: Interactive music workshop by Kourosh Taghavi (January 29th, 2014)Kourosh Taghavi Tasnif Handouts.docx




Survey results on our monthly general meetings availabe at surveys.

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