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Seminars and Workshops

One of the goals of AIAP San Diego is to educate the American-Iranian community. AIAP San Diego does this by organizing regular workshops and seminars at which the experts invited by AIAP San Diego give a talk followed by Q&A. Seminars are of diverse topics including:

  • Current political Issues
  • Legal education
  • Art and music
  • Science
  • Professional development
  • Life Improvement
Professional Networking Events AIAP San Diego strives to provide American-Iranian Community with networking opportunities. To acheive this goal AIAP San Diego organizes several networking events in year in San Diego.to connect American-Iranian professionals within and outside the community.
Cultural Events

In order to preserve our ancient traditions and to intrduce our culture to others and particularly the second generation of American-Iranians of San Diego and Southern California who have not had exposure to Iranian culture, AIAP San Diego organizes events to celeberate Iranian ceremonnies that root in Iran's rich culture and civilazation. Our events include:

  • Nowrouz
  • Sizdah Beh Dar
  • August Annual Picnic
  • Chahar Shanbeh Soori
Nature Exploration AIAP San Diego organizes hikes every month to various hiking sites around beautiful San Diego. Nature lovers join AIAP hiking team to explore and appreciate the nature.
Charity One of the objectives of AIAP San Diego is to help people in need. AIAP San Diego does this by helping the people in need get heard. AIAP is open to other nonprofit organizations for cooperation and fascilitation of philanthrioic actions




Survey results on our monthly general meetings availabe at surveys.

Events Calender

March 2017
Tuesday 14th
7pm Chehar Shanbeh Soori
Thursday 16th
5pm March Happy Hour
Saturday 25th
7pm Nowruz 1396 Celebration
April 2017
Sunday 2nd
1pm Sizdeh Bedar 1396
Thursday 13th
5pm April Happy Hour
Sunday 23rd
7:30am April Hike: Santa Rosa Plateau
Wednesday 26th
6pm An Hour with a Psychiatrist : Questions and Answers
April 2017
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