Mysteries of Shahnameh

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 at 6pm - 9:30pm

Location: Sufi Mediterranean Cuisine

This event is in the past.

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*Because of Halloween, this month, AIAP General Meeting will be held on October 24th instead of October 31st.

Please join AIAP Lecture Series where you can network, meet new people and see old friends while enjoying fine Persian food and attend and listen to a lecture on Shahnameh and Ferdowsi.

Lecture in Farsi

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm - Dinner 
7:00 pm - 7:30 pm - Networking 
7:30 pm - 8:00 pm - Annoucements 
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm - Lecture and Q&A
فردوسی درباره شاهنامه چنین می گوید:
یکی نامه بود از گه باستان
فراوان بدو اندرون داستان
از او هرچه اندر خورد با خرد
دگربر ره رمز معنی برد

این راز و رمز ها چیست؟ و چرا فردوسی سخن را راز گونه به نوشتار آورده؟ چگونه است که پس از گذشت هزار سال از تدوین شاهنامه هنوزجامعه پربار ادب فارسی اقدام بایسته جهت گشایش رموز آن نکرده است. ماری که از چنگ هوشنگ می گریزد و موجب میشود سنگ  پرتابی او بسویش به سنگ دیگری برخورد نماید و آتش پدیدار شود، سخن از چه می گوید؟ "شید اسب" وزیر و مشاور تهمورس که هرگز خواب و خوراک نداشت و شب تا بامداد در کنار او بیداربود و بواسطه رهنمون هایش، تهمورس چنان نیرومند شد که بر دیوان پیروز گردید و
اهرمن را به بندکرد، نشان از چه معنائی دارد؟ سیمرغ رمز چیست؟ مار های دوش ضحاک بیانگر چه می باشد؟ سه قطر خون دیو سپید که توسط رستم در چشم کور "کاووس" ریخته میشود و بینائی وی را به او باز می گرداند، حکایت از چه می کند؟ هفت خوان رستم چه آموزشی بما میدهد؟اینها وشمار بسیار دیگری از راز و رمز های شاهنامه، گنجینه پر ارزشی از دانش و آگاهی است که راهبر انسان به تفکر خردمندانه و متعالیست.
در دورانی که آئین ایران و ایرانی توسط بیگانگان سرکوب و لگد مال میشد و آخرین فروزه هایش میرفت تا برای همیشه خاموش و از ذهن تاریخ پاک شود، فردوسی با نگارش شاهنامه اجازه نداد چنین گردد و آئین ایران را که در برگیرنده نگرش ایرانی به زندگی و جنبه های گوناگون آنست برای همیشه ماندگار کرد. شاهنامه شناسنامه ملٌی ما است و تا آنرا درست نخوانیم و مطالب گران مایه اش را درک نکنیم بازگشت ما به روزگار متعالی و پیروزمندمشکل می نماید.
About Kambiz Zandnia

Mr. Kambiz Zandnia was born in Iran in the year 1944. After graduating from Alborz High School in Tehran following obtaining his Master degree in management from
England, he started his career at National Iranian Petrochemical Company.
In 1975 he joined the Ministry of Commerce to serve as “international commercial director” in the Government Trading Company of Iran and then served as deputy CEO
and a member of the Board of Directors.

He ended his career after the revolution and left for Europe in Spain and then immigrated to U.S.A where he was employed by “Celton Trading Co” in New York as commercial director in charge of affairs pertaining Middle East and African regions.

“I got acquainted with Persian Literature through my father who was very fond of “SAA’DI,” the famous Iranian poet. I developed a great interest towards the subject and became very passionate about it. Throughout my life, and parallel to my other activities, I always engaged myself in learning more about the different areas in literature.
Eventually I made a decision In1985 to devote my full time to learning about the mysticism and philosophy in the Persian literature. In this respect, I attended Aeen-e-Iran society, a literary society, learning about “RUMI,” “HAFEZ,” as well as philosophy. In addition to that, I took some courses with late poet and scholar “Nader Naderpour,“on mysticism in Persian literature and it’s poetry. Furthermore, I took courses with late professor and scholar “Dr. Mohammad Mahjoob” on “Shahnameh.”

In the year 2001, following an invitation from some interested parties, he lectured on “Shahnameh” and its philosophical aspects at UCLA for a year. At the same time, he had a weekly class on “Shahnameh” at the “Iranian American Library” in Los Angeles
and Irvine.

He was engaged in talking about “Shahnameh” and its content on the Persian speaking Radio, KRIN, before moving to Iran In mid-2003 where he stayed for four-and-a-half years.

In Iran, he was continuing his research and had classes on Shahnameh, Hafez, Rumi and a course on” Manteghol-taire Attar.”
He returned to U.S.A in 2008, and presently he is engaged in lectures on” Shahnameh” in LA, Irvine and San Diego, plus a class on Mantegholtaire Attar in Irvine.

"It is my personal belief that “Shahnameh” has not been attended to in the manner “Ferdowsi” meant for it to be read regarding the uncovering of the hidden messages within the book. Therefore my engagement with “Shahnameh” is based on uncovering
the valuable messages hidden within the stories." Said Mr. Kambiz Zandnia

Sufi Mediterranean Cuisine, 5911 Balboa Avenue  
San Diego, CA 92111
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If you have any questions  you can send them to or call (858)-869-5397

We look forward to seeing you.


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